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Why HIL?

We human beings are a bundle of emotions and so is our world, a reflection of these emotions. Awareness of our emotions is the very foundation of all that is good in our world- be it compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, generosity, humility peace, and above all Happiness & love. HIL is an attempt to make individuals, families, neighborhoods, cities, countries , communities and eventually our entire Universe !!! Happy and in love.

Who we are?

We are a very passionate, motivated, happy and loving community, on a mission to change this world and infuse it with happiness through love for all - just like each one of you, who has reached HIL.

What is our Mission?

To Spread Happiness by nurturing the love that lies at our very core, often misunderstood or dormant. We do this through awareness programs aimed at increasing self consciouness. Demystifying pertinent social issues that our plaguing our society; from youth pain points, parenting challenges to hurting marriages and finally the crumbling fabric of modern families today. We aspire to inspire each one to forgive freely, love soulfully and live happily.

How will we achieve our dream?

We will inspire change in the collective psyche through a multifaceted approach: digital media, performing arts, workshops/training and creative forms of education and entertainment. The aforementioned channels of communication will attempt to facilitate us to reach our deeper selves.

Featured Article

“Happyologist” featured yet again in Femina Nov 2020 61st Anniversary Edition. Page 83 - 84. An extremely well written piece, a must read for everyone. Enjoy!

Excited , Grateful & Blessed to Again be a part of No 1 Parenting Show @firstpost - 6th Season of 9 months Show on @voot Positive Parenting is the New Cool.

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