About Our Founder

Mrs. Jyotika Bedi is a passionate and enthusiastic Family and Educational Psychologist, with a double masters from the prestigious London School of Economics. As a successful entrepreneur, she founded Kinetic Potential Explores, a career advisory in 2003 and co-founded Global Women’s Group in 2013 which is an endeavor to support women from all walks of life to discover and follow their passion. Her enduring motivation to give back to society has been the very fabric of each of her projects. Her role as a young leader personifies benevolence as well as perseverance. Jyotika passes on her infectious optimism to everyone she interacts with in her pursuit to drive change in our modern society. It is her constant endeavor to create a world where love is omnipresent. Her addiction to love and optimism has led to the advent of project “Happiness Is Love”…….

Our Values


  • Have FUN.
  • SMILE and create a spirit of celebration at work.
  • INNOVATE to make yourself happy and spread happiness around.
  • BELIEVE in yourself.
  • POSITIVELY contribute to the community.


  • Be INCLUSIVE to all.
  • Appreciate DIFFERENCES.
  • Help each other GROW.
  • Take advantage of varied PERSPECTIVES.
  • Contribute to a VIBRANT DIVERSE community.


  • EMPATHIZE with the needs of others.
  • Encourage mutual RESPECT and TRUST.
  • Be HONEST and straightforward.
  • Manage your TIME properly and respect others time.
  • LOVE what you do; DO what you LOVE.

Our Team

Akanksha Datta

(Organizational/Educational Psychologist)
Director Testing and Admissions at KPE India and HIL enthusiast
With an experience of 9 years in psychometric testing and assessments Akanksha has been working with students and parents in the crucial decisions of career selection and management. She works with students in helping them define their career goals through the MBTI tool and supporting them with their college selection and admission processes. She has also been aiding corporate professionals in becoming more productive, helping them develop skills such as communication, decision making, conflict resolution, feedback, team building and relationship management. Her work has included assessment consultancy, career counseling and the design and implementation of selection and development processes. She has gained experience in Behavioral Profiling, Test Administration, Competency Mapping, Design and Execution of Assessment and Development Centers, Competency Based Interviewing as well worked as the co-trainer for a number of training’s.


He is the super brain behind the HIL videos. Currently pursuing an economics degree , he likes to make short movies with a hidden social message. He writes, shoots and edits his own material. He is pumped up to be a part of HIL journey.

Arjun Bedi

Arjun Bedi Student of Shiv Nadar School Held a Leadership position in school, recently developed a water saving system, and on merit list for Grade 10.
LeAd Mission KADR – Arjun Team
Finding innovative solutions to spreading awareness to change collective psyche on womens Rights.
Very powerful initiative & great opportunity to inspire change amongst the youth.

  • Confident
  • Curious
  • Compassionate
  • Calm Communicative
  • Collaborative Creative
  • Critical thinker.

Core Competency:

  1. Interpersonal skills and influence
  2. Drive for results
  3. Socially responsible

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